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A systematic progression from beginner to advanced

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Beginner Yoga Course

An online self-paced eBook course


Learn the basics of yoga with 8 yoga sequences. This eBook contains 8 classes to follow along with, as well as a list of the poses in each sequence. It's the best place to start on your yoga journey.

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Part 1 - Textbook Course


For the first time ever, learn what yoga teachers learn in their training without the expensive commitment.

This textbook is the 200-hour Yoga Alliance International approved course for those who want to become a yoga teacher and those who wish to deepen their practice. Video links are embedded into the book to guide you through the course.


Completion of this textbook course does NOT equal certification as a yoga instructor.

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Part 2 - Certification


After the Yoga Teacher Training textbook course, certification involves the assignment section of the course. Live online one-on-one classes guide you through each assignment. Completion of the certification training results in international certification as a yoga instructor. Trainees of this program emerge appearing to have 5+ years of experience as a yoga instructor.

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Part 3 - Practicum


After certification, embark on this optional addition to your training to emerge appearing to have 10+ years as a yoga instructor. This course is 100% one-on-one with assignments and live zoom 




This 300-hour Yoga Alliance International approved course is the sequel to the 200-hour teacher training program.

It allows the certified teacher to deepen their knowledge and provide higher quality education to their students. It also allows the teacher to deepen their own practice and fall in love with yoga all over again. Upon completion of both programs, the teacher becomes a teacher at the 500-hour level.

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I took the Yoga Teacher Training course as a personal learning project and have so loved it. It has given me the start of a teaching foundation, with resources that I can keep circling back on to keep growing this foundation, and the encouragement to keep going with Yoga as a possible teaching ambition—not something I may have thought I could do prior to this course. Thanks again for such a wonderfully built self-paced course. This course has filled my “student” bucket and encouraged me to grow in my yoga practice and spirit. It’s been great!

Dr. Sabre Cherkowski - Canada

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